Wicked, wicked wind

As I drank my coffee this morning, the weather person was promising gusty winds that may change direction as if on a whim.  She did not lie.

I meant to get an earlier start as the wind always seems a little less in the morning.  But Attack of the 50 Foot Woman came on and I just had to watch.  Plus I had to strain the chicken broth I had simmered all night long for canning this afternoon.

As I set out in a southwesterly direction, the wind did get a bit wicked as I hit the open spaces.  So I headed for lower elevations and mentally modified my route.  But Mother Nature or the wind gods or whomever thought it was time to be funny.  As I turned due north looking for the tailwinds, I got a big gust right out of the north east that almost blew me over.

I think I heard laughter.

Actually the only spot the wind was a real problem was on one long shallow hill.  The wind rolling down that hill was rather wicked and left me gasping.

Tomorrow’s forecast includes raindrops and lightening bolts so there may not be a ride.  At least not an outdoor one.

And I put up eight pints of chicken stock.


~ by susancyclist on March 16, 2013.

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