Shoes, toe cramps, and computers

•February 14, 2013 • 4 Comments

Still riding on the trainer using audio workouts.  It’s less than a month until the time change!

Wearing heels to the office led to toe and foot  cramps at the end of last night’s ride.  It’s very ouchy when your foot curls up and your big toe starts to point in a direction nature did not intend.  I need somebody to give foot massage.  Rubbing your own arches is not the same.  Since today is stay in the office and get some stuff done day at the office, I have dug out my Earth shoes to wear.  You remember those.

Meanwhile, my Garmin is giving some really wonky readings on trainer rides.  The MPH is just all over the place.  I mostly just look at cadence while on the trainer, which is on the second screen,  but when I switch over the readings fluctuate from 0 to the 70s.  Last nights ride featured a max speed of 75.1 mph.  Oddly, all the other metrics look right, even the average speed.  I may try a soft reset before this evening’s ride.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!



•February 3, 2013 • Leave a Comment

I’m looking to be consistent with trainer workouts, riding five-six days a week with Fridays off.

Yesterday I rode for an hour with a workout that simulates hills.  Evil hills.

Today was a shorter half hour spin as I had bread rising.  Good bread.

My plan looking forward is for the bike to stay on the trainer for all of February.  The tires need changing and I don’t want to swap them out at this point.  Once I put on a new rear tire, it’s off of the trainer for good.

Additionally, my challenges with electronic things continues.  That’s because I’m occasionally not very bright.  I took the cadence sensor off yesterday and cleaned it because it had road crud.  I decided to put it back on further back, away from the pedals.

For this morning’s ride I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting a cadence reading.  Duh!

I’m going to go move it in a few minutes.

Further electronic misadventures

•January 29, 2013 • Leave a Comment

Riding the trainer does not make for exciting, or even vaguely interesting, blog posts.

However getting ready for riding on the trainer is at least vaguely interesting.

In order to ride I seem to really, really need two electronic systems, Garmin with heart rate monitor and cadence and my tablet and bluetooth headphones for audio workout.

The Garmin heart rate strap has some age on it.  Six to seven years to be not exact.  It still works great.  But the elastic portion now would fit Andre the Giant comfortably.  After the weekend sessions where it kept slipping out from under my bra, I have finally cinched it up and then did a temporary fix with a safety pin.  I need to get out the sewing machine and perform surgery on it.

Then last evening the cadence sensor started acting wonky.  I stopped and fidgeted and stopped and fidgeted until I realized I need to replace the battery which is weird surgery.  Someone decided that the battery compartment should face inwards.

So everything either has a new battery or is on the charger for this evening’s session.

I’ve also been meaning to mention, I’m tracking myself on until I get back into shape.  My screen name is susanp57 if anybody wants to friend me.

Yeah, I know.  More electronic stuff.

A better year

•January 25, 2013 • 2 Comments

After yesterday’s post you may have gathered that after 2012 being such a crappy year, I’m getting back in shape and hoping for a better 2013.

I’m ditching that unnecessary 15 pounds I packed on while sitting around with my shoulder trussed up.  Actually I’m about half way there.  I’ve been using the stairmaster and have the bike on the trainer.  Though I despise trainer riding.  But the two work different leg muscles.  My quads need the trainer.

I’ve taken a few opportunities for rides on decent weekends since the New Year. The Legs.  They are out of shape.  But the days are getting longer and the time change is less than two months away(March 10), so trying to get my legs back under me for some spring riding.

In the meantime it’s cold and icy outside and we have all of February to go.

Better weight loss through electronics

•January 24, 2013 • 2 Comments

How, oh how, did we ever survive, not to mention lose weight, without electricity?

Last evening my plan was to ride my bike on the trainer.  Fortunately I had put a new battery in the heart rate strap to my Garmin Edge just a couple of days before.

But it was not to be.

I got all dressed up in my super cool riding regalia and went downstairs to get all of my essential accoutrement.  Alas, my Garmin was still plugged into the computer which was not on.  Not charged.  Dead as a doornail.  (What is a doornail?)


But no problem.  I obviously cannot ride a bicycle without getting all the essential information like heart rate and cadence. That would never work, I’ll just use my really nifty stairmaster, just like the pros.  What pros, you may ask?  Damned if I know.

So I go back upstairs to change into the appropriate stairmaster attire.   I cannot do a stairmaster cardio workout in cycling shorts.  That would just be wrong.

Plus I must swap heart rate monitor straps from the Garmin one to the bluetooth one to go with my super cool and nifty Android tablet.  Said tablet also has all of my audio workouts for which I use my amazing bluetooth earphones.

Dammit.  I didn’t plug the earphones into the charger.  I will actually have to BE ATTACHED TO MY TABLET BY A WIRE.  The shame.

I did my cardio on my amazing electric device and said workout statistics were recorded by both said device and my tablet through endomondo which sent said statistics to My Fitness Pal.  Amazing.

Wait.  Every device is giving me different statistics.


Hey.  This morning I will check my weight to see if my cool workout resulted in an increased muscle mass and decreased fat.  Dammit.  The battery in my scale is dead.

How did the pioneers get in shape anyway?

It ended badly

•November 11, 2012 • Leave a Comment

What was otherwise a good ride this morning ended badly and sadly.

I always rescue tortoises from the road.  And I’ve always wanted to take one home and see if I could convince it to live in my garden.

This morning, less than a half mile from home, I stopped to rescue a tortoise.  Since it was so close to home, I put him into a ditch, made a mental note of his location and resolved to find him on my way home.  During the ride I was plotting how to build a tortoise house.

I stopped just up the street to chat about the sorry state of Tennessee football with a friend who was outside.  Then I rode down the street to where I had left him.  I started checking in the ditch, then turned around facing the street.

I felt so bad.

He had made his way right back to his warm spot in the street and taken a direct hit.

I should have taken him home right off.

Like March

•October 15, 2012 • Leave a Comment

I meant to post yesterday, but got absorbed in a book.  But before that I did ride.

The weatherperson said rain and maybe storms were on the way.  I looked out at the sky and it was cloudy, not black.  So I decided to take a chance.

But I did not look out at how hard the trees were bent over.

My legs got a workout even though I did not ride any significant hills.  Vicious headwinds, 25-35 mph.  As I headed toward home, I was riding Hwy 231S and the winds seemed to be from the southwest.  I kept gearing down, but that really didn’t matter.

I saw no animals as they seemed to have more sense than me and were indoors.

I saw nothing interesting on the road as it was blowing around.


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