Another exciting rescue

I once again ventured out in my guise as cycling tortoise rescuer and , uh, did good stuff.

I headed out about 7:30 a.m. via the by-pass.  Ahead I saw what I thought was a pile of trash, maybe yard waste, at the edge of the center turn lane.  But as I approached, the yard waste raised it’s head and looked at me.

This was not a box turtle.  This was not even a large land tortoise.  This was a big-ass, mud covered snapping turtle.

Of course it is my sworn duty to rescue this road bound turtle, but he, or she, was less than cooperative.  First I tried poking, or encouraging her to move along using my frame pump.  She didn’t appreciate my encouragement, demonstrating her snapping ability as well as her ability to hop.

Who knew they could hop?

Early Sunday morning there is not a lot of traffic, so no help was immediately forthcoming.   I would circle around her, trying to get behind her so I could poke her to the side of the road.  She circled right along with me, snapping every chance she got.

Finally a guy stopped.  He had a plastic milk crate in the back of his SUV.  Using that and my pump we finally got her off of the road.

I don’t think she appreciated the assistance.

I’m going to have to start carrying my little point and shoot camera in my pocket again.

If you go to the snapping turtle wikipedia page, scroll down to the second turtle picture.  It looks like her.  I keep saying ‘her’ because I suspect she was heading out to lay eggs.

I then went on and had a nice ride!


~ by susancyclist on June 2, 2013.

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