Spring at last

Warmth finally showed itself in Tennessee.  To celebrate, I rode my newly tuned up bike.  I have a new SRAM chain with a quick link so when it gets really dirty, I can take it off to clean it.  Therefore I must get it dirty so I can try it out.

I’ve heard various methods of cleaning it off of the bike.  Soaking it in all kinds of things that seem a bit too much.  I’ll need to google that.

On other fronts, first lawn mowing of the season and I put up 5 pints of soup.



~ by susancyclist on April 7, 2013.

3 Responses to “Spring at last”

  1. I have long said that if you ask ten good bike mechanics for their favorite chain lube/cleaning process, you’ll get at least a dozen results. I also have found that there are many variables in chain longevity, one of which is the number of variables. Trying to control for any one of them alters all the rest. So…

    I want to ride my bikes, not spend hours working on them. My chain program is accordingly very simple: I found a lubricant for which the directions allow me to put a drop or two on each roller before going for a twenty-five or so mile ride (or two twelve-mile rides). When I get home, I wipe off the excess lubricant. Two or three hundred miles later, I do the same thing.

    If the bike gets really wet, I wipe down the chain when I get home, let it dry overnight, and lubricate it the next morning (even if I’m not going to ride that day). After the next ride on that bike, I wipe off the excess lube.

    BTW, my lube of choice has been ProLink for over a dozen years. They have an additional formula now, but I haven’t tried it.

  2. A few years ago a mechanic recommended White Lightening. I used it for a while, but never really liked it. It seemed to collect dirt and I thought the chain was a little noisy with it. I think what I have now is a spray can of Finish Line. Spray, run through the gears, wipe after a bit. I throw a towel behind to keep it off the frame.

  3. That sounds like it works for you. Finish Line makes several lubes, each their version of some other popular lubricant. They have a good range of stuff.

    Oh, by the by, I finally got some pictures up on my blog for you.

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