When they said it was spring

they lied.

It’s cold.  It’s rainy.

It’s just generally crappy out.

So I broke down and took the bike in for a tune up.

My old bike shop has gone down the tubes.  Certainly their own fault as service had gone down down the tubes.  But my old mechanic, off and on for the last eight years, is the manager at Sun & Ski at Opry Mills.  Yeah, I know.  It’s a chain.  But even though he is the store manager, he will still work on my bike.  🙂  Yes, that calls for a smiley.

In fact, I could probably have it back sooner than the middle of next week, but Phillip is taking off the next couple of days and he says only he works on my bike.  I’m okay with that.  I don’t want the man to give up his days off.  They aren’t always common in retail.  & I’m flattered he wants to do it himself.

🙂  Let’s have another smiley.

So I’ll have a nice tuned up bike with a new chain by mid-week and hopefully some real spring weather.




~ by susancyclist on March 29, 2013.

One Response to “When they said it was spring”

  1. When I was working in a bike shop, I was the same way with many of my customers. For some of them, it was their preference. For others, it was my own preference. Either way, it was good customer service to recognize that, and if the store owner doesn’t like it, it’s a surprise that the owner would grumble to the point that a customer would find another mechanic (it happened to me–once–shortly before I left one of the bike shops where I worked. I have also had customers ask to have me work on their bikes “on the side” to avoid this sort of issue, which leads to another ethical problem).

    I treasure the customers who specify that I’m to do their work. It’s a trust issue, and I want to maintain that trust.

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