Shoes, toe cramps, and computers

Still riding on the trainer using audio workouts.  It’s less than a month until the time change!

Wearing heels to the office led to toe and foot  cramps at the end of last night’s ride.  It’s very ouchy when your foot curls up and your big toe starts to point in a direction nature did not intend.  I need somebody to give foot massage.  Rubbing your own arches is not the same.  Since today is stay in the office and get some stuff done day at the office, I have dug out my Earth shoes to wear.  You remember those.

Meanwhile, my Garmin is giving some really wonky readings on trainer rides.  The MPH is just all over the place.  I mostly just look at cadence while on the trainer, which is on the second screen,  but when I switch over the readings fluctuate from 0 to the 70s.  Last nights ride featured a max speed of 75.1 mph.  Oddly, all the other metrics look right, even the average speed.  I may try a soft reset before this evening’s ride.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


~ by susancyclist on February 14, 2013.

4 Responses to “Shoes, toe cramps, and computers”

  1. My wife has a pair of minimalist shoes from Merrell that she wears in her office, getting to and from her office from the parking lot, and such, and keeps dressier shoes in her office for movement around within the building (building dress code–she works for UPS at their Air Group headquarters). She sees no reason why her footwear should cause trouble when it’s not visible to others.

    I’ve long wondered why people wear shoes that create problems (high heels, very narrow toe boxes, etc.), but my own perspective may have some bearing on why I wonder that–I have wide feet, and refuse to wear shoes that hurt.

  2. Well they didn’t hurt while I was wearing them. I was actually in court, so I have to look spiffy.

  3. I’ve heard of spiffy-looking shoes that don’t ruin one’s feet.

    As much as some think I know about bicycle stuff, I don’t know what to say about your Garmin issue, other than ask if the gadget was confused because the wheel was spinning but you weren’t changing position relative to the satellites.

  4. Aw, give me a break on the shoes! I MAY have the answer on the Garmin. On the trainer I’m wearing bluetooth headphones. It occurred to me last night, as I once again hit 75+ mph that maybe the bluetooth signal is doing strange things. I’ll try going wired tomorrow.

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