Further electronic misadventures

Riding the trainer does not make for exciting, or even vaguely interesting, blog posts.

However getting ready for riding on the trainer is at least vaguely interesting.

In order to ride I seem to really, really need two electronic systems, Garmin with heart rate monitor and cadence and my tablet and bluetooth headphones for audio workout.

The Garmin heart rate strap has some age on it.  Six to seven years to be not exact.  It still works great.  But the elastic portion now would fit Andre the Giant comfortably.  After the weekend sessions where it kept slipping out from under my bra, I have finally cinched it up and then did a temporary fix with a safety pin.  I need to get out the sewing machine and perform surgery on it.

Then last evening the cadence sensor started acting wonky.  I stopped and fidgeted and stopped and fidgeted until I realized I need to replace the battery which is weird surgery.  Someone decided that the battery compartment should face inwards.

So everything either has a new battery or is on the charger for this evening’s session.

I’ve also been meaning to mention, I’m tracking myself on myfitnesspal.com until I get back into shape.  My screen name is susanp57 if anybody wants to friend me.

Yeah, I know.  More electronic stuff.


~ by susancyclist on January 29, 2013.

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