A better year

After yesterday’s post you may have gathered that after 2012 being such a crappy year, I’m getting back in shape and hoping for a better 2013.

I’m ditching that unnecessary 15 pounds I packed on while sitting around with my shoulder trussed up.  Actually I’m about half way there.  I’ve been using the stairmaster and have the bike on the trainer.  Though I despise trainer riding.  But the two work different leg muscles.  My quads need the trainer.

I’ve taken a few opportunities for rides on decent weekends since the New Year. The Legs.  They are out of shape.  But the days are getting longer and the time change is less than two months away(March 10), so trying to get my legs back under me for some spring riding.

In the meantime it’s cold and icy outside and we have all of February to go.


~ by susancyclist on January 25, 2013.

2 Responses to “A better year”

  1. If you want a shoulder workout, you can come to Louisville and help us get the course ready for the UCI Cyclocross World Championships. The race is February 2 and 3. We need more volunteers! 😉

    • You make that sound really tempting! The shoulder could probably stand the work better than the temperatures. It does not like cold temps.

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