It ended badly

What was otherwise a good ride this morning ended badly and sadly.

I always rescue tortoises from the road.  And I’ve always wanted to take one home and see if I could convince it to live in my garden.

This morning, less than a half mile from home, I stopped to rescue a tortoise.  Since it was so close to home, I put him into a ditch, made a mental note of his location and resolved to find him on my way home.  During the ride I was plotting how to build a tortoise house.

I stopped just up the street to chat about the sorry state of Tennessee football with a friend who was outside.  Then I rode down the street to where I had left him.  I started checking in the ditch, then turned around facing the street.

I felt so bad.

He had made his way right back to his warm spot in the street and taken a direct hit.

I should have taken him home right off.


~ by susancyclist on November 11, 2012.

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