Like March

I meant to post yesterday, but got absorbed in a book.  But before that I did ride.

The weatherperson said rain and maybe storms were on the way.  I looked out at the sky and it was cloudy, not black.  So I decided to take a chance.

But I did not look out at how hard the trees were bent over.

My legs got a workout even though I did not ride any significant hills.  Vicious headwinds, 25-35 mph.  As I headed toward home, I was riding Hwy 231S and the winds seemed to be from the southwest.  I kept gearing down, but that really didn’t matter.

I saw no animals as they seemed to have more sense than me and were indoors.

I saw nothing interesting on the road as it was blowing around.



~ by susancyclist on October 15, 2012.

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