Progress report

Well, it’s been five weeks and one day since I broke my clavicle.  I am slowly getting better, but I’m still on a regular diet of naproxen for pain.

I’ve ditched the figure 8 brace and the sling.  There are times when it would be convenient to use the sling.  I live in fear that someone will come up behind me and jovially clap me on the shoulder.  This morning they just happened to get the good shoulder.  Whew.  But using the sling actually causes pain by pulling my arm forward.

The average schedule is about 16 weeks for regaining full use and a year to completely heal, so I guess I’m moving along well enough.

I have found a brace that I hope will get me back on the bike soon, at least for short rides.  It’s this one. I worn it around experimentally. It should keep the shoulder straight and stop me from hunching it up which would hurt lots.

On related fronts, I guess I’m looking for a new bike shop/mechanic.  I took my bike to my regular shop to have it looked over.  I didn’t recognize a soul.  Even the manager that had been there for years is apparently gone.  The mechanic who started to look over my bike ignored my questions.  Just outright ignored them.  Then he asked me who fitted my bike (with the patented eyeroll bit).  I told them I had it fitted there.  Of course, the current setup in no way matches that fit, I had to compensate for the IT band syndrome I had and haven’t switched back.  But I was getting attitude.  Then when he went to the computer records to call up my account,  he suddenly tried to be friendly.  You know, right after he saw the years of records.

So anyway, he said he would look it over and call me that evening.  I thought that evening was a little quick and I wasn’t in a hurry, but that’s what he said.

So then I looked around the retail floor, particularly at helmets.  I had heard they were now all Trek.  They weren’t kidding.  If it wasn’t Trek or Bontrager, it wasn’t there.  I don’t have anything against their products, but I like to have some choice.  So I finally left.

Of course, no call that evening.  Or the next.  Or the next.

The next week, on my way back from court in Nashville, I stopped and went in.  Another guy came to wait on me, possibly the new manager.  I told him I came to pick up my bike.  ‘Oh, he’s just put it up on the stand to look at it.  No charge.  He’ll know something this afternoon and you can come pick it up then.’

Me:  No.  That’s a 50 mile round trip.  I’m taking it now.

And I did.

The mechanic who had my bike never came out.

~ by susancyclist on April 25, 2012.

2 Responses to “Progress report”

  1. I am so lucky to live just a mile away from a GREAT bike shop — it has been in the same family for nearly 50 years — great mechanics and friendly service.

  2. I’m jealous. I wish some good mechanic would open some little shop locally.

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