A crash picture

Endomondo map from my crash


Here is the map from my crash!  I was running Endomondo on my phone and didn’t hit the stop button until hours later.  I think you can click on it to make it bigger.

Conveniently, it puts numbers periodically along the route.

Numbers 1 through 6 are just normal, uneventful riding.  7 is pretty much at the crash scene.  When I pull it closer on the original map, you can see me being moved around.

The straight line with 8 is when I was in the ambulance.  It doesn’t follow the roads so I’m guessing that I wasn’t getting a signal in the ambulance.

9 and 10 are on my way home and include going by the drug store to drop off my prescriptions.

The final zig on the map is between 12 and 13.  We stopped off at Subway for sandwiches.  I threw up mine later.

For some reason I find this all very amusing.



~ by susancyclist on April 4, 2012.

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