I’m bored

Having a broken clavicle is pretty boring.

Painful, too.

Obviously I can’t ride.  Right now I really can’t hike.  Rough ground, or even walking on paved surfaces, is pretty uncomfortable.

But it is getting better.  I’m not wearing my figure 8 brace during the day much;  just the sling.  I am now very good at chair sleeping.

The funniest thing is some peoples’ reaction to me.  For example, Friday I was checking out at the grocery.  One of the clerks asked, “Rotator cuff?’  I responded, “Broken collar bone.”  (Keep in mind here, I’m quite gray haired).  Another clerk goes, (insert solicitous, talking to old lady tone) “Oh, did you fall?”  “No, I crashed my bike.”

Shocked looks ensue.  Guy in an adjoining line cracks up.  I smirk.

~ by susancyclist on April 2, 2012.

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