My first day of spring



I went out for a bit of hill work, then decided to finish off by riding through town.  I headed through the park, slowly, then took the cutoff which circles around and under a bridge, then comes up beside the rec center.  There were 2 older gentleman strolling along in front of me.  I sang out, “Passing on your left!”  They must have moved over at least 6 inches.

I had to move to the edge of the path and hit a patch of mud.  Slick mud.  Grabby mud.  The bike started fish tailing.  It went one way.  I went the other.

I remember hearing my helmet grind on the pavement.  The pain in my hip.  The sharp pain in my shoulder.  As I came to a rest, I decided it was best to just not move.

Fortunately, flying through the air grabs a lot of attention, so I had lots of helpers.  They offered to help me up.  I declined.  They offered to call an ambulance.  I accepted.

The ambulance, EMTs and a backup car arrived in short order.  Cute EMTs, but young.

I was their first cyclist.  When I requested they get my cell out of my jersey pocket, they had to figure out where the pocket was, then how to get into it.

Ambulance rides are not fun, no matter how good the carers are.  My hands and feet started going numb, and my left hand was curled up and just kinda stuck up in the air.  But they finally got the IV in and gave me a shot of feelgood juice.  Everything relaxed and I was much happier.

At the ER, they x-rayed and found that I do indeed have a broken left clavicle.  Fortunately, no surgery, just immobilization.  They also gave me some nasty painkillers which had me upchucking all night.  I’ll stick with ibuprofen, thanks.

I thought they were going to try to keep me when my BP registered at 100/40.  But they decided it was caused by the shot, and let my niece and her honey bring me home.  They fed me, re-trussed me up and tucked me into, er, chair, where I stayed except when I was in the bathroom throwing up.

So I’m stuck for 3-4 weeks.

I’ll take the bike into the shop soon to have it looked over.  It looks okay, but I can’t really ride to check it out.  It needs a new chain anyway.  I also need a new helmet.  It broke the back of it, but saved my head.


~ by susancyclist on March 22, 2012.

4 Responses to “My first day of spring”

  1. I HATE doing a helmet test!

    Glad you will mend!

  2. Reason #427 as to why we always need to wear a helmet!

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