My new addiction

is Nutella.  After seeing on grocery store shelves for so long, I finally broke down and bought some.  Good stuff.

The weather here is weird.  Today is warm and rainy.  Yesterday was warm and sunny.  By warm I mean 50s.

I have committed to an overnight backpacking trip this weekend.  But the weird weather forecast is not entirely promising.  Very, very warm for February, but includes rain with possible thunderstorms.  I think we are in a holding pattern as to whether or not to go.

The latest stairmaster action was rather pathetic.  I jumped on last night to do 45 minutes to CardioCoach 4.  My legs and heart were just not in it.  I cut the workout quite short.

Finally on the food front, after being off for a few days, I have gotten back on track.  Well, except for the Nutella.  I made some yummy soup.  I picked up one of those Bob’s Red Mill packages of mix, whole grain and lentil.  From the freezer I fetched chicken innards I saved from a chicken over the holidays.  I also had frozen some green tops from spring vidalias and parts of a leek to save it from going bad.  I tossed all of that into a crockpot with some carrot I had laying around.  It was delicious.


~ by susancyclist on February 1, 2012.

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