I’m bein’ good

Yesterday was a good day food and exercise wise.

I continue to be a total doofus coordinating my electronics when I exercise.  I use my android phone with a bluetooth heart rate strap and endomondo plus my nano to play my audio workout, the CardioCoach series.

The readout using the phone as an HRM works great while I’m actually on the stairmaster.  The workout is based on heart rate zones.  Although I can used perceived exertion, it’s nice to have the correct feedback.  But at the end, when I hit stop, the information is uploaded to a website, incorrectly.  I realized that it always give my max rate as 145, which is way low.  I know I spotted 155 last night.  I need to fiddle around with the app to see if it is something in setup.  If I can’t fix it, I’ll take a look at map my fitness.

As to using the nano to play my workout, it has little tiny writing and I have blind eyes.  Plus I have fat little fingers.  So last night I ran version 5 instead of v4.  That wasn’t a big deal.  I just hadn’t set up the stairmaster for that time.  It’s a slightly longer workout so I cut short the last challenge.

Finally I can’t figure out how to get the stairmaster to acknowledge odd numbers of minutes of a workout.  It only wants to rum for times that end in 0 or 5.  So it won’t set for things like 48 minutes.  I can just set it for 50 minutes, not a biggie, but that seems to mess with my idea of balance or something.

Despite all of my kvetching, it was a good workout last night followed by a dinner of a pork chop, leftover risotto and broccoli.

A good evening.


~ by susancyclist on January 24, 2012.

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