Yuck. Monday.

It’s chilly and raining out, perfect Monday weather.  It’s also a holiday, but I have a busy office day planned.

After my whirlwind of furniture moving Saturday, Sunday I took it a bit easier.  I did my stairmaster workout.  Then I messed around the house doing odds and ends, watched a little football, did laundry and put the rest of my workouts on my nano.  I had forgotten how to do that last one, since I had forgotten how to make a playlist then move it over from the computer.

For dinner I made a skirt steak with a nice red wine pan sauce with roasted parsnips.  Doesn’t that sound fancy!  Pretty easy though.

I realized late in the afternoon, that I hadn’t left the house all weekend; unless you count walking to the mailbox.

So now my loaded nano awaits and I need to work up the energy to workout this evening.  I keep telling myself to start adding back some strength and abs, but I just don’t seem to do it.

~ by susancyclist on January 16, 2012.

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