A quick post

Just a quick post as the work day starts to hold myself accountable.

Ate really well yesterday.  Then did 45 minutes on the stairmaster.

I really need to start adding in the other stuff like abs and upper body.    But, A.  I actually like doing stairmaster (that’s probably a little masochistic on my part), B.  When I do it first I’m too cooked by the time I’m done.

I could, at least, do abs in the morning pretty easily.  But I need to post a couple of reminders, maybe in the bedroom, bathroom or on the coffeepot.  My brains do not work in the morning.

I was thinking as I drove in this morning, I think the stairmaster may benefit my cadence in consistency if not speed.  On the bike, there are always times you coast.  On the Stairmaster, you never stop.

Everybody have a good day!

~ by susancyclist on January 11, 2012.

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