Staying on track

It’s a gloomy Sunday.  It really isn’t cold out, but I decided to stay indoors anyway.    That means hitting the stairmaster.

I wish I had weighed before and after, because I lost a ton of sweat.

I used Cardiocoach v4 which is a 45 minute program of intervals with warmup and cool down.  Overall, I hung with it.  I did back off once in the middle.  That’s better than stopping.

I’m using Endomondo for heart rate tracking.  The funny part is it has built in GPS.  Between intervals, I jumped off of the machine to run across the room and turn on the ceiling fan.  When the workout uploaded to the website, that 10 foot dash showed up on the map.

I also did an abs workout.

Foodwise today, oatmeal for breakfast.  That’s good.   I did a little experimenting for lunch.  I had an avocado that needed to be used.  So I chopped it up and covered it with lime juice.  Then I mixed it with tuna, a bit of chopped shallot, some dried herbs from the summer.  I ate half of the mix on some lettuce and spinach.  It needs something.  For one thing, I should have salted the avocado before mixing it with everything else.  I probably should have used onion or scallion.  the shallot is too mild.  Summer tomato would have been really good.

Tonight for supper, I’m thinking about a fritatta.  I’ve never made one before


~ by susancyclist on January 8, 2012.

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