Another new year

Happy 2012 to one and all.

As the holidays draw to a close, we start a new one with new plans.  Not resolutions, plans.

Saturday I went to Beaman Park to hike the Ridgetop Trail.  I had never been there before.  It’s surprisingly wooded and rural for a Nashville city park.  I used my android phone and the endomondo app for tracking purposes.  I would post a direct link but there doesn’t seem to be a way to that.  But I’m on the site as Susan P.

Sunday winter started to creep it’s way back with big winds and dropping temps.  But I recently prepared for that by buying my very own Stairmaster.  If you keep your eyes open on Craigslist long enough, you can find some good deals.  Although this one is a little older, it was lightly used and well-maintained.  It doesn’t have telementary for a heart rate monitor, so I just use the bluetooth one I have for my android along with endomondo.  I’ve had a little problem with that, it kept pausing.  But I figured out how to turn off auto-pause, so that should be taken care of for the future.

Sunday I did 40 minutes using CardioCoach v3.  Today (Monday) I did 45 minutes using v4.  I have versions 3 through 8, so hopefully that will keep me going for the winter.

I’m also working on the food front.  I want to drop about 12 pounds.  I basically use South Beach style eating.

I track my workouts on Fitocracy.  If anybody wants an invite to that site, let me know.  I’ll need an email address for you.  I don’t think you can just invite yourself.

I track my food on Sparkpeople.  I find the site a little goofy, but it has a good nutrition tracker with an app for the phone.

This post prepared with the aid of Miss Kitty.


~ by susancyclist on January 2, 2012.

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