Christmas is a’coming

But we had pretty good weather for being outdoors today.  Pretty chilly though.  That’s why I opted to hike rather than ride.  You don’t create your own windchill.

I headed to Long Hunter State Park to hike Bryant Grove Trail.  It’s an out and back trail,  4 miles one way for a total of 8 miles.  Most of it meanders along Percy Priest Lake.

I’m still playing with the android phone and I’ve added a new accessory, a blue tooth heart rate monitor.  Seems to work rather well.  I didn’t check it with a manual pulse rate as I had on a couple of layers, so it was too much hassle.  I also got a Tunebelt arm band that fits the slightly oversized phone perfectly.  I will have to do a little surgery on it so that I can use earphones when I want to listen to tunes or voice prompts.

I also tried out a new app, Endomondo.  It is more full-featured than Mapmy ??  But it’s also a drain on the battery.  I had power through the whole hike, but the battery alarm sounded just as I got back to the truck.

As to the hike, at the turnaround, which is at a recreation area, I stopped and treated myself to a cup of hot chocolate and a Luna bar.  As I sat, I was joined by a lady.  She was several years older than me and was carrying a very nice Nikon.  We chatted for a while.  she has been an avid hiker for several years, but is getting back on track since her husband passed and then she fell on a trail.  We hiked back and swapped numbers.  We plan on hiking soon.

Here are some pics and Happy Holidays!


~ by susancyclist on December 17, 2011.

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