Reviews and workouts

I sprung for a new cell phone a couple of weeks ago (first since 07), and it does some nifty stuff that makes it useful for things I like to do.

I got a Casio G’zOne Commando.  It’s ruggedized* for abuse and waterproof for a half hour up to a meter.  It’s an Android phone.

The first test was driving directions to Rock Island State Park last weekend.  I’ve never has a navigation system before.  Much better than a printout from Google or Mapquest.  By the way, Rock Island is beautiful.  I want to live there.  Hikes are short but very rocky and climby.

Since then I’ve downloaded some apps.  For our purposes, iMapMyHike and iMapMyRide.

I tried out the hiking app yesterday at Cedar Forest by hiking Hidden Springs Trail, billed as a five mile hike.  It tracked me fine.  I did not use voice feedback to conserve battery power.  But I think I could have as I was still at 90% after nearly 2 hours and 4.67 miles.

Then today I tried the cycling app.  I also used my Garmin to compare the two.  I turned on all of the voice feedbacks just to check on how much battery they burn.  I rode 17.08 according to Garmin and 17. 31 miles according to MapMyRide.  Average speeds were the same on both sites.

Cycling wise, both can be used for training rides, but I can get things like cadence from the Garmin.  The app is good for commuting and casual rides.  The voice can be useful but only with earbuds.  I had it stuffed in my jersey qnd the lady kept talking but I couldn’t understand her.  Every once in a while she would yell a syllable or two.  Odd.

I’m not sure yet if I can download somebody else’s route and use the apps like a nav system.  That would be cool on hikes.


~ by susancyclist on October 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Reviews and workouts”

  1. Hello there – it’s Trashy Anne!! I was going through some stuff on the ol’ ‘puter and came across a bookmark for you. I am happy to see you are still hanging around here and riding! Just wanted to stop & say hello! Oh – and Tucker just turned 4 a couple weeks ago and Carter will be 3 in two months. Time flies!

  2. Hey Anne! I do remember you. Glad you kept the bookmark. Hard to believe the boys are growing so fast. I bet they are cuties. Tell anybody else that’s still around I said Hey! and to come visit.

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