Still busy, but the weather

I hope everybody in the northeast is doing OK after the hurricane.  I know it has sent you crappy weather, but the weather is excellent.  Apparently the storm has pushed cooler temperatures down from the north.  Plus it’s exceedingly dry.  My yard crunches when I walk.

Yesterday morning I headed out to ride some roads that I don’t ride much anymore due to the addition of rumble strips on the shoulders.  It amazes me that the Tennessee DOT will actually mark a stretch of road for bike travel and then add rumble strips.  It makes no sense.  Being curvy and hilly old highways, there is nowhere to go and I could easily end up in a blind spot on a curve.

But since it was Sunday morning, I headed out that way as I wanted to ride a route I discovered a couple of years ago.  Thanks to road construction, I haven’t been able to get to it.  I just love Sunday morning rides.

I headed north on Hartsville Pike aka Hwy 141.  The first section of this has the added rumble strips.  The second part is where the construction was, but now is a nice wide stretch of highway with really wide shoulders.  As I climb a bit I have to watch out for my turn onto Rogers Rd.  Then I continue to climb some more.  Finally get to the rolley bit while keeping an out for my next turn, Phillips Road.  This is a true country road.  It’s narrow chip seal and zigzags around between farms and over bridges with no sides.  But it features some opportune shade on a sunny morning.  You have to watch where you are headed on downhills and there may be a sharp turn at the bottom.  It finally comes out on Old Rome Pike.

Old Rome Pike has several unconnected sections.  It used to be the main road, but when they straightened out the highway between Lebanon and Carthage the odd little pieces of hilly highway were left.  So I get to do some more climbing and then a little downhill before hitting the main road, lined with more rumble strip.  But the few motorists were quite considerate while I climbed some more and I was rewarded with an excellent downhill, straight down fast.

Then onto another climbey section of Old Rome Pike into town, then back home.

Yes.  Climbey and rolley are words.


~ by susancyclist on August 29, 2011.

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