Good saturday

Most excellent if occasionally odd and scary ride today.

I set out about 8ish this morning. It was beginning to heat up, but not bad yet. I started out the same way I went last ride, out Hwy 231, then left onto Rutledge Lane. Happily the big German Shepherd was not about. There was a Dalmatian who, after I spoke to him and told him he was a pretty doggie, was happy to see me. Talking to dogs will sometimes back them off.

At the end of Rutledge Lane, rather than the right I took last time, I took a left and headed out Hartsville Pk. to another left onto Africa Rd.

Africa Rd had the worst hills of the day, but was otherwise uneventful. I came back to Hwy 231. I headed north and went through my last school zone of the season, today was report card day.

I decided to take a stop for a few minutes in a little church yard in some nice shade while I still had a little ice in my bottles. Then, just across the highway, I headed onto Philadelphia Rd. Despite having ridden by it lots of times, for whatever reason, I had never ridden it. So today I did.

Not a bad ride, not as hilly as the road it paralleled. But a couple of funnies. First, I looked over at a big mailbox made from a green barrell. It said, “Big Johnson Farm.” Perhaps the best name for a farm I’ve ever seen.

Next, as I’m riding through a shady section with overgrown fence row on either side, I hear rustling on my right. I could tell something was coming out of the weeds. Out flew a big turkey buzzard, right in front of me. He was close enough for me to smell him. He did not smell good. He smelled like dead things.

The rest of that road was uneventful. I finally came back out on to Hartsville Pk. I haven’t ridden out here in a couple of years as there has been lots of construction going on. They took out some curves and widened the roadway. So for a couple of miles I had a nice wide shoulder to ride on, though it apparently is never swept.

Sadly the new road ran out and I was back on the old with the added bonus of newly placed rumble strip taking what little shoulder was left. Most drivers are pretty considerate of me. Well, except for the silver convertible with three teens who decided to buzz me. I thought I had gotten the plate number. More on that later.

Next I turned left onto Lovers Lane and wound around until I came out on the By-pass, where the Sheriff’s Dept is conveniently located. The dispatcher ran the plate for me but I had at least one digit. She did put out a BOLO on the vehicle description, but I doubt anything will come of it.

The rest of the ride was pretty straight forward and I came out with 30.31 miles


~ by susancyclist on June 4, 2011.

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