Dear Lake Cycling Shoes,

I really like my new Lake CX170-W Shoes.

There is much I truly appreciate about these shoes.

I appreciate the great arch support that is lacking in other cycling shoes I’ve owned. I actually may be able to skip buying inserts.

I appreciate that they don’t squish my short, wide feet.

I appreciate the BOA Lacing System. It’s really comfy and now I wish I had it in my everyday sneaks.

I appreciate that they are pretty and make me look fast, which I’m not.

I appreciate that I bought them on sale, even though that meant I had to settle on color.

I appreciate you catering to those of us who still use a 2-hole SPD cleat on a road bike.

BUT, having said that, it’s major surgery to get that rubber plug out of the sole, go inside the shoe, cut through the liners to put the metal plate in for the 2 screws. I needed an x-acto knife, a long screw driver and needle nose pliers. The whole process took about two hours. I actually managed to wrench my right wrist while navigating the plate into place using the screw driver stuck through the holes. This seriously impacted my rides this weekend. It also made me cranky.

So, if there is an easier way to do this that I overlooked, please put some instructions in the box, or on the website. If there isn’t, please invent one.


~ by susancyclist on May 29, 2011.

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