Local bike shops, good and bad

I’ve been using the same bike shop, Bike Pedlar in Hermitage , TN, for several years now. I’m treated respectfully there. I’ll also interject that women are not always treated well in some shops.

So my current saga involves three shops and how I was treated at each one.

I’ve got a new pair of road shoes. Time to put on the cleats. Being an old-fashioned kind of girl, I use SPD cleats, the SPD SH-56 Multi-Directional cleats. They work for me as I have a different Shimano pedal on each bike, but that cleat works on all of them.

So I decide new cleats for new shoes. Plus one of the cleats on my old shoes has seemingly welded itself on permanently.

Monday, on my way back from an early docket in Nashville, I run by my usual shop. But they don’t open for a half hour, so I head back to the office.

Tuesday, I have to be in Cookeville. So I decide to check out Cookeville Bicycle. I walk in, tell the guy I need a an SPD Multi release cleat. He particularly comments on me knowing exactly what I want. He goes and gets the pack, charges me $30 (?), I leave. I’m the first to admit I didn’t look too hard to make sure I had the right cleat. I also didn’t remember the part number at the time. I also haven’t had to buy cleats in a while, so I thought perhaps the price had really gone up

That evening when I start putting them on my new Lakes, I figure out pretty quick I don’t have the cleat I want. I have the SH-51. I chalk it up to error.

So today I head back to Cookeville to swap the cleat. Just so you know, this is over 50 miles one way.

I get to the shop and ask to swap out for the correct cleat. They don’t have them in stock. One has to wonder. At least I get my money back. He refers to me to the other bike shop in Cookeville, Caney Fork Cycles.

This next guy pisses me off.

I go in, tell him exactly what I want, he pulls the SH-51. I say, “no, that’s not it.” He argues. He tells me these are the multi release cleat. Uh. no. Those are black. The multis are silver and have a small ‘M’ on them.

THEN, having been caught trying to snow me into buying the wrong cleat, he starts explaining how if I was properly clicking out, I wouldn’t need the multis. Aside from the fact that he isn’t really familiar with my left ankle, it was pretty presumptuous and really annoying.

I left.

As I headed west, I got more and more irritated. I stopped by the house and googled the correct part number. Then I headed for the Pedlar. I walk in, tell them what I need, he gets it for me, correctly I might add. I pay $20. I’m done.

The only upside to all of this ridiculous traveling was that it put me near a certain hospital where I arrived just in time to help a couple I know bring home their newborn baby boy. Then I got to spend the afternoon playing Auntie Susan.

He’s got a good set of lungs on him.


~ by susancyclist on May 27, 2011.

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