Tuesday’s workout

I don’t think I’ve ever said here, but I’m doing Power 90 to get back into shape after being down for so long. I’m really enjoying it.

Yesterday was a “Sculpt” workout, meaning weights. I’m doing really well with that and will be adding more weight soon. Pushups are hard for me and I’m doing the girly pushups from the knees. I’m considering not moving on to the next level until I can do most or all of them as a regular pushup.

Today is a cardio day. That’s where I put in my riding. But when we have crappy weather, I can still do the cardio workout with the program.

This week what I haven’t been following through with is getting up an hour earlier and working out first thing in the morning. I think that all relates back to the shortage of sleep last Saturday night.

So this evening should be a ride.


~ by susancyclist on May 18, 2011.

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