The crack of dawn

Day 2 of getting up at 4:30 a.m. to get in my workout. Happily, today was a ride day.

It seemed to take longer than necessary to get out the door. I guess until I get accustomed to these hours I’ll be moving in slow motion.

Since the high today is supposed to be 90, I assumed that a short sleeve jersey would be okay. But the air on my arms was a little on the cool side. On a bike the arms just don’t do enough work to warm up.

I love riding at this time of day though. No traffic to speak of. Dark. Then the sun pops over the horizon and all is light. The day begins. Traffic picks up and I can’t blow through stop signs anymore.

I got popped in the shoulder by a really big bug that I suspect was a cicada.

Due to my early morning somnolence, I only got in about 10 miles. I uploaded my ride before I left the house, but haven’t checked my metrics yet. As always, I want to work on upping my cadence and keeping it consistent.

The best news is that the IT band has not bothered me at all.

I’ll do abs this afternoon.


~ by susancyclist on May 11, 2011.

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