I had a gorgeous Saturday

The weather was spectacular so I scratched an itch I have been having and headed out for one of my favorite day hikes at Bledsoe Creek State Park.  It not a difficult hike but I always find it pleasant and it cheers me right up.

This park was created by the WPA back in the 30s and up until a couple of years ago was neglected.  But improvements continue and it is becoming one of the better parks despite being rather tiny.

I always park at the boat ramps as the park is on Old Hickory Lake.  As I set out I quickly noted the first of the improvements to the trail.

Yes they added pretty new trail badges all along the trail.  They have other colors according to trail and the arrow ones too.

We’ve had lots of rain lately so the trail was muddy in spots and the lake was really high.

I wondered about the situation when I got to the shoreline section of trail.

But the geese were happy.

I headed through the paved, handicapped accessible portion of the trail, and turned left to cross the road and climb the hill to the more rough section of trail.

The state had obviously tried to care for the trail by covering it with wood chips, but much had washed away.  So on hills I often paralleled the trail as water was still running off.

There is a bench on top of the last ridge, overlooking the lake.  So I had a sit.  After a minute I heard voices and looked to see two boys, about 15, hoisting their bikes up the side of the ridge.    It was obvious they hadn’t a clue, no helmets, one was a Huffy.  Technically bikes aren’t allowed on the trail.  But they were struggling so much all I could do was laugh and head down the side of the ridge and down to the lakeside.

At first there was no problem as the trail ran above the water on the side of the ridge.  Here is a new feature showing some of the work done along the trail.

As I headed into the more inhabited part of the park, things got busier.  Boys were fishing.  Folks were walking dogs.  The campground looked to be full.  Kiddoes were riding bikes.

But then I hit the section where the water climbed the trail. 

But it wasn’t difficult to navigate around the flood. At one point I had to walk up and through a couple’s campsite as they were sitting and having coffee. Fortunately, they saw the humor in the situation.

All told I probably got in about five miles and had a lovely hike. I rewarded myself with a cup of coffee and a luna bar by the lake before heading home.





~ by susancyclist on March 13, 2011.

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