Super Bowl Weekend

It’s Sunday afternoon.  I’m a bit sleepy.  Just waiting on the Super Bowl while watching Law & Order re-runs.  I’ve had a pretty nice weekend though.

I’ve had a bug to get my cycling clothes out of the little 3 drawer chest I’ve kept them in.  You can’t ever find stuff in drawers.  So I set out to see if I could find in real life what I had pictured in my head.  I didn’t exactly, but I improvised.  Pretty cheaply too.

For less than 15 bucks my jerseys are hanging and my shorts are in that blue hanging thingie made for shoes.  Socks, buffs and kerchiefs are in baskets at the bottom.

I have lots of jerseys, don’t I?  Actually, a couple of them are probably ready to be tossed.

With my bench by the door where I keep shoes, helmets, gloves etc., I am so organized.  Sorta.

As to other parts of Saturday, I went to an elementary school basketball game (come from behind win by one point).  Then hung out a bit with my niece.

Today, I started out with a bit housecleaning.  When I checked my facebook account, I found that the coach of Cumberland University cycling team was going to try to broadcast this morning’s crit from Florida over the internet using his cell.  It worked surprising well.  He had to stop once when one of his guys crashed.  And of course he couldn’t cover the whole course.

Then after lunch I set out for my own ride.  This is the only day in the last week I could ride outside.  Sadly, I guessed wrong as to how comfy the temperature was.  I had on a base layer and a winter jersey on top.  If I rode hard to get warm, that caused that self-created wind and chilled my upper body.  If I soft-pedaled, I was just chilly.

I should have worn a windbreaker.


~ by susancyclist on February 6, 2011.

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