Winter Wonderland

Down here in the sunny South we get all excited and grind to a halt when it snows.  In part that’s because it isn’t financially worthwhile for cities to stockpile the equipment necessary to clear the streets.  My street has never seen a snowplow.  Never, ever. And probably never will.  But it is still snowing lightly outside and it’s really pretty.  That do plow the main thoroughfares.

I’m about to get a little of my exercise for the day by shoveling the sidewalk in front of my office.  Happily, it’s just a few square feet.

On the cycling front, I was slothful yesterday.  I did not get on the trainer.  I was tired and sleepy all day.  I did make a small pot of sweet potato soup, suitable for reheating in the microwave.  That’s lunch today along with an apple and cheese.

I’ll ride tonight.

Kinda wishing I had a snow bike.

or a sled.


~ by susancyclist on January 10, 2011.

One Response to “Winter Wonderland”

  1. I’m thinking about a snow bike, too. Last season, I drove to work most of January and February, more due to road conditions than temperatures. A key segment of my route stays iced over (it’s more rural, and gets less car traffic to help get rid of ice) after the more suburban roads of the rest of my route.

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