Having a good Saturday

I got up and made coffee and oatmeal this morning.  For some reason, I couldn’t make myself eat more than a couple of bites of oats.  Odd, as I really like oats.

I had planned to ride the trainer this morning, then go watch my g-nephew play basketball.  But I moved in slow motion.  So after a long, hot shower, followed by about 30 seconds styling my now incredibly short hair, I dressed and headed for Hermitage to watch bball.

Watching 10-11 year olds play is very entertaining.

I was very close by the bike shop so that was my next stop.  My thought was to see if they had a book rack for trainer rides and see what was on sale, esp shoes.  No book rack.  Really didn’t expect one.  Next check on shoes for sale.  Most of what they had was either tri shoes or spinning shoes.

Let me note that what I want in a road shoe is quite particular.  First it’s got to take an SPD two hole cleat.  Those are getting harder to find.  All of my bikes have a pedal that takes the SPD multi-release cleat, even though we are talking about three different pedals.  That’s pretty darned convenient.

The other thing is I would prefer to avoid those darn ratcheting straps.  I’ve never really cared for those things.  I’ve always had a problem with the ones I been wearing for the last several years.

So anyway, the tri shoes fit the second part of the bill, but wouldn’t take the SPD cleat.  The spinning/recreational ones lace up and take the right cleat.  Since they were 50% off and felt pretty comfy, I decided to go with a pair of them and I can wear them on the trainer and shorter rides.  If I decide to train for longer rides, I’ll have to look some more.  I may have to go with mountain bike shoes.

I also stopped off at Dick’s Sporting Goods on the off chance they might have a book rack.  They didn’t.  They did have a nice mid-weight Marmot jacket that I got for about 70% off.  It’s fitted and will work for spring riding or hiking.  And I think it’s pretty enough to wear to the office.

Finally, with a stop off at Subway for a healthy lunch, I headed home to ride.  I loaded a couple of new podcasts on my ipod and decided to try out a podrunner interval called ziggaurat. It wasn’t set up exactly like I expected.  I was thinking, “ride hard for X minutes, then slow for a while.”  But this builds.  It starts out at 150 bpm, which breaks down to a cadence of half that.  That goes for 10 minutes.  Then 10 minutes of 160, then 10 minutes of 170.  Then it reverses to bring you back down with a cool down at the end.  Even though it wasn’t what I expected, I liked it.  If you really despise techno music, you won’t like it.  But even though it’s not something I listen to ordinarily, it’s really compelling for riding.

Oh, I wore the new shoes for the ride.  They felt fine.  One cleat needs to be adjusted  a bit.  I got one cleat off of my road shoes, but on the second shoe the hole for the allen wrench is so worn on one screw that I can’t budge it.  I’ll drip a bit of oil in there later and let it sit overnight.  Meanwhile, one of my Lake’s is cleat-free.

Long post for me!  Supper time.


~ by susancyclist on January 8, 2011.

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