These 5 day work weeks are killer

Pretty good trainer ride last evening.  Of course I always screw something up.

I had the screen on the garmin where I could see cadence.  So I didn’t know that the magnet on the rear wheel went askew so I didn’t get mileage.  So I guessed 4.  I always guess 4.

Then as I was in the steady state section before the hill climbs, I pulled the earphones out of the ipod.  Apparently while plugging them back in, I advanced the workout past the hill climbs into the subsequent steady state before the second set of sprints.  I was really confused when that second set of sprints started.  But I just went with it.

I think I need a guardian.

Or a way to enlarge the font on my ipod.

Supper was more veggie chili.  I may reward myself tonight with a steak.

Haircut today!

Longer ride tomorrow.  I’m planning on setting up my netbook next to me with several options for riding accompaniment.  I’m shooting for an hour of steady pedaling, which can get incredibly boring.  I’m hoping posting here will guilt me into doing it.  I need one of those book holder things for the bars that I could set my little puter on.  Then I could even read from Kindle for PC (which I highly recommend).

~ by susancyclist on January 7, 2011.

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