Day 2 on the trainer

Last night after a pre-ride snack of yogurt, I changed and hopped on the trainer again. Fortunately all of my electronics were functional this time.

I did CardioCoach 3 again, doing the warmup, the six sprints, one of the hill climbs, 2 more sprints and a nice long cooldown.  It’s a good thing I have a pad underneath as I dripped sweat like crazy.  Total of 35 minutes.

When I download my stats, my speeds and mileage on the trainer are always so disappointing compared to riding on the road.  I think that is just part of riding on the trainer.  I may need to loosen the flywheel pressure against the wheel.

Later I browsed around on ITunes to see what might be available for a longer weekend trainer ride.  I downloaded a couple of new podrunners and one podrunner interval.  I haven’t listened to any of them yet though.

According to the weather people, this weekend doesn’t look any too promising.  So it will be trainer riding all the way.

I may just take a walk outdoors tonight, although there is a chance of precip.  A rest day won’t hurt.

~ by susancyclist on January 5, 2011.

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