First trainer ride of the season

I had a productive evening.  When I got home, after eating a banana, I started out with a lot of veggie chopping to make a big pot of veggie chili.  This entails lots of chopping and makes a really big pot.  It’s surprisingly good too.

Next step was to put a new battery in my cadence sensor.  I got that done then realized that I had forgotten how to pair it back up with the main unit.  I wasn’t sure where the book was, so I decided that this ride I would go metric free.

I changed clothes and started the ipod going with cardiocoach v3.  Since the chili was cooking, I skipped the hill climbing portion.  I did the sprint intervals; six two minute sprints with 30 second rests.  With warmup and cooldown, probably went 20-25 minutes.  I didn’t even think to clockwatch.

During the cooldown I remembered how to pair the units and did that later in the evening with no problem.

Then a nice big bowl of chili.

I weighed again this morning.  After the salt fest this weekend (country ham) I suspected I showed a significant water gain yesterday.  I was down over two pounds this morning, so I feel a bit better about that.

Have a good day.


~ by susancyclist on January 4, 2011.

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