1st workday of the year

Yechh.  After all of the lovely holidaying, time to start back to the regular five day workweek grind.  It’s gonna be tough!!

I got the trainer set up last night.  The big puzzle piece pad I use under it has really gotten gross looking.  I’ll keep an eye out for more, but only cheaply.

I couldn’t find the old phone books I used under the front wheel.  Fortunately, I have lots of outdated lawbooks that will work for that.  I have already set out a couple of old volumes of AmJur.  I refuse to pay 20-30 dollars for a piece of molded plastic.  This weekend I may see if I have any wood scraps in the garage that can be used to build one.

I also weighed in this morning on my new scales.  Ouch.  Before I toss the old ones, I ought to do a comparison.  It doesn’t matter which ones are right, since I just want to track loss.  But I suspect they are comparable.  I’ve been eating like a pig.

Tonight I plan to a do trainer ride using a cardiocoach workout, then make a pot of soup.  I’ll also toss some bits of holiday food that’s left whether it’s good or not.

On a related note, most DVDs for use with a trainer are incredibly dull.  I read a review of some Robbie Ventura has put out that said they were much more tolerable than Carmichael or Spinervals.

Look here:  http://www.realrides.tv/store.html

If anybody tries one, I would be interested to hear an opinion.


~ by susancyclist on January 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “1st workday of the year”

  1. Susan, it’s good to see you posting again! I hope you are able to ride more this year, as you clearly would enjoy doing so!

    I understand your reluctance to pay for a riser block for trainer use–I have a scrap of 4×4 I use instead myself, on the rare occasion I use my trainer.

    Our club has twice-weekly “trainer tours,” meaning that a bunch of folks will gather at a church and watch a Coach Troy video together and spin their legs off. I attended these for a while a couple seasons ago, but my current retail job (back in the bike shops) is such that the trainer tour is inconvenient for me. I ride to and from work instead, and do intervals between stop lights.

    Best results in the new year!

  2. HI, Tom. Glad to have you visit. It would be nice to have a group trainer ride, except for transporting the gear. Retail hours do prevent doing lots of things, I know.

    I’m hoping to do some commuting, but work often requires skirts and heels and a motor vehicle. So to the trainer I go!

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