Longer sleeves…

‘Tis Autumn

Click above for the song.

I set out at 6:30 Saturday morning. It was the first ride of the season and the first one where I wore long sleeves for the cool air on my skin. But the sun had just peaked over the horizon and was preparing to shine away.

After a couple of weeks nursing allergy impaired sinuses, it felt wonderful to be out. I rode through town and out the other side, headed toward Pinhook Road, then down Old Shannon to the llama farm road.

The first part of this section has a sharp S curve, then a third curve, mostly bounded by fenced pasture. It’s also heavily treed. As I a approached the third curve, I looked to my right to speak to the livestock. (that’s really not strange). As I looked forward, I had to hit the brakes. My way was blocked. By turkeys. Lots and lots of wild turkeys. I’s say in the neighborhood of 20 to 30.

Oddly they did not take flight as they normally would. I think the fences and trees made them think they were hemmed in. So I slowly rode forward, herding turkeys before me.

After we cleared the trees, they scattered.

Later, as I was headed toward home, There was another slightly odd event. There is one short, uphill stretch where I ride along a busy highway. I passed a man on a hybrid with two grocery bags. I spoke and went on ahead. Then I turned off the highway into a residential area that I decided to circle a couple of times to add some miles.

As I got to the far side of my circle, I saw the man, who had bisected the circle, approaching. He jumped off of his bike, held it out in front of him, and was saying something in an excited manner.

It turned out he had spotted the Giant logo on my bike. He was showing me that his bike was a Giant too. It was a ‘Boulder,’ an older hybrid that he had purchased at a flea market. He had never seen another one and was really fired up to see mine.

He was on his way home from working third shift in the press room of the local newspaper. He thought my bike was beautiful. (It is). He was also amazed at how clean it is. (It’s so so). He also thought I was very fast (So not. Must’ve have been the pretty, matchey kit I was wearing).

He was such a funny, little guy. After he asked a couple of questions, I suggested he clean up his drive train. It looked like he had been using regular oil on his chain and it was really dirty. I told him about lube for a bike. He wanted to know what a bike shop would do in a regular servicing.

He was so enthused that it made a good finish to my ride.


~ by susancyclist on September 26, 2010.

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  1. Well written and articulated

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