The end of summer is in sight

and I have my lowest total miles since I started riding a road bike. That is attributed, in significant part, to my IT band problems.  Also to heat and general malaise (translate that into general sorriness).

But I rode this morning.  Mostly pleasant.  The band didn’t bother me until a short little climb where I mashed in a bigger gear rather than granny down and spin.

So when I felt that ouchiness, I pointed the front wheel toward home.  Then I rolled it out on the foam roller.  I still sorta feel it.  So I’ll roll it out once or twice more.  I also need to do the stretches.

On another note, my old riding buddy, Megan, just called and will moving back here from Charleston over Labor day weekend.  So I’ll have a riding buddy back soon.

In the latter half of the coming week, the weatherperson promises high only in the 80s.  Hurray!



~ by susancyclist on August 22, 2010.

One Response to “The end of summer is in sight”

  1. If you continue to have ITB problems, you might consider trading your foam roller for a RumbleRoller ( It’s a little more aggressive but very effective.

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