‘nother good ride

I got another early start this morning, about a half hour later than yesterday. But it was still much cooler than an afternoon ride.

I headed north on Hartsville Pike, planning on taking a right turn at some point and hitting a hill or two.

The humidity was pretty bad since it poured rain yesterday afternoon. There were wisps of fog floating about, but not enough to be concerned with visibility.

I turned onto Spring Creek Road, which from that direction is a long climb for a couple of miles with a break or two of descent. I climbed pretty well.

I spoke to all the cows and horses along the way. Fortunately no one was out and about to think I was nuts.

The right hip continues to bother me. Rolling it helps and has taken the associated knee pain away. But the hip aches even now, some four hours later. It doesn’t stop me from riding but does stop me from taking longer rides. But since earlier time off didn’t help, I plan to ride through it.

But otherwise it was a nice ride. Legs felt good. Speed was decent for a climbey route.


~ by susancyclist on August 1, 2010.

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