Holiday weekend. Woot!

I get excited out of all proportion for three day weekends.  Perhaps because I never take a real vacation.

In the meantime it has been an interesting few days.

I’ve been riding and I’m beginning to get my legs back.  I’m still having some issues with the IT band in the right hip while riding, then the knee afterwards.  I’m going to play with saddle height some and see what effect that has.  It starts to bother me around the 14-15 mile mark.

I’ve had a few things go on that have an indirect effect on riding and riding time.

First:  I bought myself a slightly early birthday present, a small riding mower.  That will cut mowing time in half or better plus I won’t be cooking the legs mowing the hill.  I gave it it’s maiden mow on Sunday.

Second:  I apparently need to spend my free time in a padded room.  Doing other yard work, I got into a mess of chiggers (evil little bugs).  I got eaten up but good.  That was Sunday.

Then Monday, I burned my arm while cooking.  Not badly, I got it in cold water before it could blister.  But an odd thing happened on yesterday’s ride.  The sweat pooled under the skin there and created a gigantic blister where one had not been.  Really weird.

I hope to ride at least two days of the three day weekend.  I’ll report.


~ by susancyclist on July 2, 2010.

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