I’ve been gone

but now I’m back.  On the bike that is.  So I’ll treat you to two posts on two subjects today.  This is the first one.

Due to an ill-placed cleat on my right Keen, I ended up with a strained IT band.  Not major but a bit ouchy.  But I’m back on the bike even though it hurts a bit after about 15 miles.  So now I’m posting while cooling down and icing my hip.

The heat and humidity here is horrible for June.  So for once I was happy that Miss Kitty woke me early so I could ride in the cooler temps.

The legs felt good this morning and if my hip hadn’t started to ache I would have put in a lot more miles.  I need to try taking an ibuprofen before the ride to see if that will let me ride longer.

Early Sunday morning rides are my favorite.

There are few cars.

The air seems clear.

You can take the time to look around and see little things as well as vistas.  You can’t do that when you have to watch out for the morning traffic.

Get up and out early!

Later I’ll post about a tiny discovery.


~ by susancyclist on June 20, 2010.

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