Thinkin bout spring

Been meaning to do this post all week.  The weather this past weekend was brilliant.  I did not ride Saturday but went running around with a friend instead.  But I got in a nice ride on Sunday.  I stayed in the lower gears and spun (?).    Very lovely day.  I was glad I rode in the morning as I noted the wind was picking up as the day progressed.  But the sun was out and the temperatures were moderate.

Winter has since returned.  Bummer.  Hope it’s a last gasp.

Meanwhile, I was in Nashville late yesterday evening and decided to take a bit of a field trip to REI.  I scored a GSI Soloist cookset for backpacking and bought a pretty winter jersey, on clearance, for cycling.  I can’t remember the jersey’s brand name off the top of my head.  It was one I wasn’t familiar with.  But it has nice thick durable feeling fabric, capacious pockets, and an extra zip pocket in the side seam.  It is orange too!

Finally, big reminder:  2 weeks until the time change!!!!  March 14.


~ by susancyclist on February 25, 2010.

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