At least I got outdoors

It snowed again last night, all over a lovely coat of black ice.  A typical Tennessee snowfall.

But before Sunday’s snows, I managed to get outdoors for a little hike on Saturday at Bledsoe Creek.

At first I thought I had over layered clothes wise until I topped a hill and the wind hit me in the face.

Things would have been very muddy if much of the track hadn’t been frozen.  It was a crunchy version of frozen though, so I didn’t slip and slide much.  Old Hickory Lake was very high and much of the shoreline section of the trail was under water.  I could usually just parallel those parts.

I brought my new little Primus stove with me just to give it a test run.  I’m always a little nervous fiddling with gadgets that feature blue flame.  But I had no problem heating up water in my little GSI tea kettle for a cup of french press coffee.  The stove was easy to use.  I just need a better fire source than a bic style lighter.  I think my favorite thing about the Primus over the alcohol stove is the sound it makes when it is lit.  That way I can tell it’s lit!  Hopefully no more, or at least fewer scorched fingers.

It was also lovely having the park to myself.  I saw one workman at a footbridge.  There was a ranger truck at the office, but I didn’t stop in.  No more people were seen until I got back to the parking lot.  A father-daughter combo headed out to snap some pictures.  Oh, I forgot I saw a guy walking a dog through another parking lot.

My only casualty was an extremely muddy pair of boots.  I still need to clean them.

I snapped a few pics but haven’t downloaded them yet.  If any are worthwhile, I’ll post them over on the flickr account.


~ by susancyclist on February 15, 2010.

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