The January thaw

Every January there is one little section where the temps warm up and the sun shines.  Happily, this year it happened to hit on a Saturday.

I knew the good weather was coming and I was ridiculously excited at the prospect of getting the bike off of the trainer and heading outdoors.

I was up bright and early, ate, dressed, got gear and got the bike off  the trainer.  As I headed out, suddenly everything was all askew.  The rear brake kept rubbing, I couldn’t get it to adjust, and I was getting severely p-o’d.

Being reluctant to screw up a good morning, I decided it would be a good time to head to the LBS.

I got there just as they opened and it was like they missed me!  Adam fixed me right up while I had a coffee and we discussed what needs to be done to Black Beauty this spring.  Definitely a new chain is needed and probably new cranks.  The big ring is showing quite a bit of wear.  Surprisingly, the cassette still looks good.  The drivetrain is all original, so I’ve gotten a lot of miles out of it.  I did get new brakepads today, but still got out cheaply for the day’s work.

So finally I got home about 11:00 in plenty of time for a ride.

As I headed out I hit a bit of a head wind.  You don’t get that on a trainer.  At first the legs felt a little weak, but after cranking a bit things started to feel normal.  I stayed in town, mostly because the buildings give a bit of protection from the wind. I did take a round through the park, just because.

So it was a lovely spin, especially for a January day.


~ by susancyclist on January 23, 2010.

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