No snow

I’m disappointed.  I was looking forward to some white stuff.

Did quite well last night.  I got on the trainer to do Cardio Coach v4.  The bad part was that my computer shut down about half way through so I got no stats.
That’s the second time this week.  It is a known issue with edge 305s, but mine hasn’t been too terribly plagued with it until now.  For trainer purposes I can just lay it on the bookcase next to the trainer set-up.  But this may be an issue when I can get back on the road.

Supper was broiled tilapia, broccoli and some black-eyed peas left over from New Years Day.  Very good actually.  I may have something similar tonight except asparagus for the broccoli.


~ by susancyclist on January 7, 2010.

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