Drat, it’s turning hot again

Our unseasonably cool weather seems to be leaving.  Alas.

Tuesday I got in a very nice after-work road ride.  Hammered a bit for a very nice average speed.  For me.

Last night I decided to swap out saddlebags.  The one I’ve been using is nifty.  It has an attachment that screws onto the saddle rails.  Then you clip the bag on and off.  It’s pretty convenient.  But the downside for me is that I need my saddle set up further and the attachment thingie (technical term) takes up too much of the rail.  So I took it off, opting for my old bag.  Which I now can’t find.  So if I ride this evening, I will opt for my slightly ugly bar bag which I normally use only in cooler weather for adding and subtracting layers.

Perhaps this will inspire me to do some garage cleaning.


~ by susancyclist on August 27, 2009.

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