Happy Monday to you

We are having spectacular August weather here with temperatures in the 80s at highest for the last few days.

Saturday morning I headed out to explore some new roads.  It’s amazing that I can ride a few miles from home to roads I’ve never seen before.  I rode through some quite rural areas.  It was really pretty.  Big hay bales lined up in the fields.  Horses, cattle and goats.  A stretch where trees on both side of the road overhang and shade until it’s like riding through a tunnel.

That was the point where I had no idea where I was.  That was OK.  I just kept riding figuring that I would come out to a road that I knew.  And I did.

Old Rome Pike.  Hilly there.  I came out to Carthage Highway.  We like out classical references here.  Ride a mile then to Rome Pike (not old though).

A little funny happened there.  I was climbing a hill.  At the apex is a t-intersection.  I was on the straight part.  A pickup truck approached with it’s left turn signal on.  Although he could have turned in front of me, he patiently waited as I went by.  He rolled down his window and said, “I didn’t want to make you stop or slow down!”  I laughed and waved a thanks.

The only sad part of this ride is that I forgot to hit the start button on the Garmin.


~ by susancyclist on August 24, 2009.

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