Better ride than last

I’m sitting in the Customs House in Nashville posting on my netbook.  I love this thing.

Got in a ride last night which turned out to be pleasanter than a regular weeknight ride.  At first I felt a bit tired.  But then I got my second wind, or maybe it was my first.  But I just buzzed around, running a second lap of part of my favorite short route.

The temperatures were pleasant, but it had rained all day so the humidity was rather fierce.

The only downside to the ride was in about the last mile as I headed home (I was hungry).  I started to get a pain in my right hip and lower back.  But I think, after inspecting the bike when I got home, that my saddle has gotten a little off center.  That’s an easy fix so I hope that is all it is.

I ogt in a quick 20 miles before hunger pangs struck and had a good time until the last mile.


~ by susancyclist on August 19, 2009.

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