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traininAnother weekend has come and gone.  One with the most nearly perfect July weather in recorded history.  I had no compunction about heading out for a ride in the middle of the day as temps were in the 70s rather than the usual 90s.

It was a short pace ride that I spent most of gunning around town.  The sun was hidden for most of the ride.  I had a decent average speed for an in-town ride.  Cadence was somewhat lacking though.

I’m considering bumping up tomorrow’s pace ride to today, and Wednesday’s brisk ride to tomorrow as thunder boomers are predicted for Wednesday.  Today is supposed to be a rest-or-easy day.

I’ve been thinking about how to handle future Wednesday brisk rides as they get longer.  I have a regular route that I could incorporate a loop into and use that as an interval.  It’s about a two mile loop and I could alternate hammering and soft-pedaling as that day gets progressively longer.

Meantime, I’m still playing with Sporttracks and will probably stick with it.  The only info I seem to be missing is average and max grade.  I also occasionally want to know the grade on a specific hill.  But that information is not as necessary to me and there are other ways to check out the gradient of a specific hill.

Happy Monday!


~ by susancyclist on July 20, 2009.

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