That should be sung.

Nice rides this week though I had to bail on last night’s scheduled ride.

Tuesday was a pace ride.  The problem there is I have not established what I need or want my pace to be.  So I end up being mashier than I really want to be on a longer ride.

Wednesday was scheduled as ‘brisk’.  As there was a big storm coming in and visible on the horizon, I was definitely brisk.  Of course then the stupid storm went around us.

I was scheduled for another pace ride last night.  But Wednesday night, Thursday morning, I didn’t sleep.  Well maybe about 3-3.5 hours all told.  My legs were twitchy, which they are anyway but riding makes it worse.  I also drank too much iced tea for supper.  So I was awake.

So last night I crashed out.  Figuratively speaking.

On the twitchy legs front, in the weekly Road Bike Rider Newsletter, they discussed Lance wearing compression stockings off the bike.  Despite the possible pitiful old lady look, I decided to investigate.  I actually found some less-expensive ones, in black, that come up over the knee.  They are ribbed and actually look kinda hot.  I will contemplate pictures.  They feel pretty good.


~ by susancyclist on July 17, 2009.

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